Police Profiling that comes close to heart

           In response to Williston Barracks / Negligent Operation 94/55 zone- I89 Safety Corridor by Vermont State Police press release issued by Corporal Andrew Leise. Your press release was rude and uncalled for the way you treated my brother when you stopped him was wrong. He’s never done anything wrong besides speed. He was late to his job from spending the night at a friends house. You profiling him and saying that you did him a favor by not writing him a ticket but instead issuing a press release to the news is unacceptable in my book. You could have very well made him lose his job. My Brother Kaleb is a good kid at heart just trying to make ends meet by working 3 job’s and living with family sleeping underneath his 14 year old sisters bed. Anyone that is friends or family of Kaleb is welcome to come to his court date for his support on Tuesday, August 27th, 2019  at 8:15 AM at the Edward J Costello Courthouse 32 Cherry St in Burlington, VT 05401

Much Love One Love,

Jakob Alexander McElwain